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Bone Builders (Crls RM)

Date: Event is held weekly every Thursday
Time: 9:30 AM

Announcement: Bone Builders Returns for another season.
Due to the Covid-19 our sessions will be held for returning participants on Zoom Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the privacy of your home. Please send an email to Pansy Soltis at for the sign-on link. The link will open at 9:15 a.m. eastern time so all may gather and be sure they are situated and ready for the prompt 9:30 a.m.start time. For those attending on zoom, we ask that you try to situate yourself directly in front of your computer camera. This enables our staff to fulfill the county requirement of observing correct form of individuals when lifting weights, thus preventing any injuries and gaining maximum benefit from the exercises. A few participants if they do not have access to a computer may request to attend the very limited class space at the Club House. If you have your updated doctor permit please drop it off at the Bay Forest Office front desk. Annie has forms if you need any new paperwork.

Tests have shown that modifying certain lifestyle factors can be very beneficial to bone health, balance and core strength. From lessening hip fractures or falls causing broken bones to the annoying everyday arthritic pain, the well researched exercises published by Tufts University can be a remedy. The Collier County Retired Volunteer Program has trained and certified a few Bay Forest individuals to hold Bone Builder sessions under their supervision. Classes are open to all Bay Forest residents and renters at no cost. The County requires a yearly doctor’s release to participate in the program. Prior to attending class please visit the Bay Forest Office to pick up the participant instructions and complete the necessary paperwork.

In our classes after warming up the muscles, we strengthen our core by lifting and lowering optional light arm and leg weights at a very slow rate, keeping constant tension on the muscles. While trained class leaders monitor proper form, techniques and tempo, the muscles move against the bones causing stronger muscles and new bone growth. . The sessions end with some brief stretching to keep the ligaments elongated and limber. This reduces body tension, improves range of motion and flexibility.

All new, first time participants will need to train in live classes for the opportunity to practice the proper form. Face masks and social distancing are required. For your protection we ask that you provide your own hand and leg weights.

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