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  • President’s Message from Bob Wood I feel sometimes like I’m living in the middle of a wildlife preserve.  You can always count on the normal animals being around, such as raccoons, armadillos, squirrels, lizards of various types, and of course rabbits.  The last couple of years we have had a plethora of rabbits, which seem to be eating up anything and everything.  The rabbit population waxes and wanes, however, and predators and diseases will thin them out.  I have also seen several otters in the South Lake, busily eating up the fish that we put in there for catch and release!  Bobcats are also seen on occasion; hopefully dining on rabbit.  This year a black coyote was spotted and photographed on the path – an unusual sight!  The bear who was seen on and off last year seems to have moved on, to the relief of the walkers.  Alligators are a common sight, not in our lakes, fortunately, but in the Audubon Lake.  Get out and walk around and enjoy our wonderful wildlife!

    Several items of interest were discussed, and if appropriate, voted upon, at our last Board Meeting on February 12.  They were as follows:

    • Fountains for the South Lake were decided against, due to significant opposition from many owners.  Their  voices were heard via an email poll.  We will continue to use email polls to help us make decisions.
    • Pickleball expansion is still in the early stages.  Nothing has been decided as of yet, although using Tennis Court 4 as a site has been pretty much taken off the table.
    • We voted to approve the expenditure of up to $5000 for a website upgrade.  These funds will come out of Real Estate advertising monies, and the upgrade will be used hopefully as a Real Estate marketing tool.  Several owners have volunteered their skills and time to do this.  We have a project manager, a photographer, and a graphic designer.  We are hiring a professional video producer and editor who will create a video of Bay Forest scenery, plus folks playing bocce, tennis, doing yoga, playing mah-jongg, etc. We may need people to stage these events; this may be your chance to be a movie star (sort of)!  Watch for the casting call!
    • Despite my constant harping on this, speeding on our roads continues to be a problem, and something bad is going to happen if we don’t deal with it.  We have had a radar speed sign on loan from the Collier County Sheriff that shows you how much you are speeding, and hopefully records the results.  The data is not going to be pretty, I am sure.  Two more speed humps will be discussed and voted on at the next board meeting – one midway between the existing speed humps and Cedarwood Lane, and one somewhere on the northern piece of Cedarwood Lane.  Meanwhile, slow down!  
    • We have purchased, at a very good price, a treadmill, a rowing machine, and an upright stationary bicycle.  All have been installed in the Fitness Center – come take a look, or better yet, try them out!  Even better, make using the Fitness Center a regular part of your (extended!)  life.


    The next board meeting is Wednesday, March 18, at 9:30 AM in the clubhouse.  I hope to see you there!  Send me an email with any comments or requests at rwood51@comcast.net or better yet come to the meeting and speak up.