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President’s Message – November 2019

More and more of our seasonal residents are trickling back to Bay Forest, where the flowers are blooming (as they do all year!) and the temperatures are still in the upper 80s with occasional 90s. Welcome back! In no particular order I will list some items of interest to everyone and discuss them.

  • Gate Hours – For many years the Guest Gate opened with no code needed except from 9 PM to 5 AM. Last year we changed it to from 6 PM to 5 AM, talking about all this at the April 2019 board meeting. A show of hands in April was in favor of keeping it at 6 PM to 5 AM. Since that time I have heard from many residents complaining about the change. At the October board meeting I agreed to conduct an email poll to try and understand what the residents want. The results of this poll will be available at the November meeting. Look for this pol and please vote!
  • New Gate Call Box – We have had some complaints that resident’s four digit codes do not open the gate when entered into the keypad. I ask you to do two things. Try your code during the daylight hours so you will know if there is an issue – don’t wait until 2 AM! You will need to walk up to the call box to do this. The second thing – be sure you are using it correctly, as the procedures have changed from the old call box. First, touch where it says Entry Gate (PIN). At the new screen, enter your four digit code. Then – this is new! – touch Enter. If you don’t touch Enter, nothing will happen!
  • Road Sealing and Striping – Some residents were concerned about the plan to move the center line on Bay Forest Drive, and on Cedarwood Lane, allowing for a 4′ wide walking shoulder along one side of the roads. We decided to get some more input on this, and to wait another year before we do anything. I think the wide shoulder is a great idea – what do you think?
  • Social Events – The Halloween Party was a great success, and the Wednesday Night Socials continue to be very enjoyable. Look for the bulletin board posters and the Bugle as to future events. Enjoy yourselves! We have about 1000 people here during season, and it always amazes me how few take advantage of all the offerings we have here at Bay Forest. Watch the Bay Forest calendar and loosen up! Have some fun!
  • Dogs – I tell my friends up north that there is a state law in Florida that all dogs have to be no larger than a loaf of bread and must be white! Also, when seeing someone pushing a baby carriage, the odds in Florida are 50:50 that the occupant will be a dog, and not a baby! We, of course, here at Bay Forest have all types of dogs. Some folks are very much afraid of dogs, however, so be aware of this, and when you walk your dog keep it on a short leash when you see other walkers.
  • Speeding – I have said this before and will say it again. Slow Down! 15 MPH is our speed limit. I know it feels like you’re crawling, but we have lots of walkers and bikers on our roads.


  • Bay Forest Budget – We have finalize the budget, and it will be voted on at the Presidents Meeting on November 20. You will be glad to hear we do not require an assessment increase this year.


  • Shuffleboard – The Bocce League is full, so why not a Shuffleboard League? We have very nice courts and good equipment. All we need is someone to start it up. Maybe that person is you? Our next board meeting is on Wednesday, November 20, at 9:30 AM. We will be sending out agendas to all of your Association Presidents, as we did in October, for promulgation to their owners. No one can complain anymore that they don’t know when the meeting is and what the agenda items are! I hope to see you there. Send me an email at rwood51@comcast.net if you have any questions, issues, or have a meeting agenda item.


Bob Wood – Bay Forest Board President