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Bay Forest management just installed a new call box at our entrance since the old system crashed. We were very fortunate to retrieve the information that was stored on the backup and transfer it to the new system. Of course, some issues on the first evening occurred and the vendor came out and repaired it the next day. There are still a couple of minor items that are in the works to be resolved soon. The screen is showing a glitch and will be repaired soon.

If you have misplaced your code, please stop by the main office and see me. Please have an ID with you. I will provide you with the code assigned to your unit.

The pedestrian gate keypad is on order and should be installed soon. Please note: You can exit the pedestrian gate but will need to enter the main gate when you return.

Earlier this year, I requested all associations to provide their residents information so I can update the call box. I received and updated all but 4 associations complete info. I will contact the presidents/property manager soon so the entries can be updated. Please note: If you do not wish to be in the call box, please send me an e-mail, phillip@bayforestnaples.com or alert your president/property manager and your name will not be entered.

One last point I need to make clear for some residents. If you were assigned a three-number code in the past, you must enter a 0 before your number. This system only takes 4-digit codes such as 0123.

Any questions or concerns please send me an e-mail or call me at



Phil Murano

Site Manager



Presidents Message – October 2019

You know fall is coming at Bay Forest when you see the daytime temperatures fall into the 80s, and you see the first car carrier parked on the side of the road. Welcome back to any of you early arrivals! You are just in time to enjoy the brisk early morning temperatures in the low 70s. Don’t worry, as the pools will all be in the upper 80s! We have had a calm summer, with lots of rain, but no hurricanes. Keep your fingers crossed that we will avoid any major storms in 2019. I will update you as to what has gone on while you were away.


It looked for a short while that we might be in the path of Dorian, so we pulled out the Hurricane Plan and began to run down the list. We update and tweak this plan on a yearly basis. I think it is a good idea that a modified version of this plan be put on the Bay Forest Website, and we will do so. We have had requests from an Association Board that Bay Forest have available a small generator at the clubhouse to charge cell phones following a hurricane, and also to set up a communications center. We will talk about this at the October 16 Board Meeting. I am more or less against doing both, as cell phones can be easily charged with a car charger, and I think that a communications center would be just a pass- through for information we ( and you!) would/could receive from Collier County. I am certainly open to discussing this, however, and we will do so on October 16.


We have installed new lighting outside the entrance, and I’m sure you will be pleased at how nice everything looks at night. Our flag pole and beautiful landscaping really “pop” as you drive up!

Sealing and Striping the Roads

We need to wait until the rains slow up a bit before this can be done. We are looking now at mid to late October. Phil came up with a great idea that we are going to implement. It turns out we have enough road width on both Bay Forest Drive and on Cedarwood Lane to add a walking/bike lane. Unfortunately, we cannot do this on Royal Fern Drive, as it is too narrow. We will shift the center line of the road over to accommodate this new walking/bike lane. This new lane will be on the Clubhouse side of Bay Forest Drive, and on the Bermudas/Walk side of Cedarwood Lane. Not as good as a sidewalk, but a lot better than the way it is now!

Jazzercise – Fit 5000

We have received a request from an owner to try and recruit a volunteer or two to run a Jazzercise – Fit 5000 type exercise program at the clubhouse. This is a low impact, aerobic type exercise program that is popular up north. If you have any interest let me know.


Painting of the Boardwalk is moving along, and should be completed by the end of October. We are doing this in-house this year. The Submerged Land Lease with the Florida DEP is also motoring ahead. The survey has been completed and is in the hands of the DEP for their review. We are awaiting the next steps from them.

Gate Call Box

Our old call box finally died, causing much anxiety when it appeared like all of the data from 632 units had been lost! We were able to retrieve the data finally, and are in the process of having a new system installed. All of your codes will still work with the new system, as well your existing clickers.

Landscaping Contracts – Communication

A letter has gone out to all the Associations who use Bay Forest to do their landscaping. It asks that one person be designated as the contact person, who will meet with Steven monthly for discussion and walk-throughs. Be sure that any issues you may have as an owner go through this contact person, not directly to the landscape crew or to Bay Forest management. We want happy customers!

2020 Budget

We are working on this and will have some preliminary numbers for the October board meeting. We hope for no increase in assessments.

I hope to see you at the Oct.16 Board Meeting at 9:30 AM! 


Bob Wood – Board President –  rwood51@comcast.net