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President’s Message – December 2019


  • I want to once again welcome back any newly arrived seasonal residents. By my next message in January, everyone will be here, enjoying Bay Forest and the Florida weather!
  • Since my last message, not too much of any consequence has taken place, which is always a good thing. Hurricane season is over, and we are good until next summer. It is always great to put hurricanes in the rear view mirror for another year!
  • I want to thank Patty Pino for her years of service on the Bay Forest Board. Patty is leaving Bay Forest around the end of December, and moving closer to her children. She has resigned her board position as of December 1, and we will miss her.
  • The passing of Dick Harvey last spring, and the resignation of Patty Pino, has created two openings on the Bay Forest Board. The Board has appointed replacements for both, and we look forward to working with them. Dick’s spot will be filled by Susannah Phillips of Sea Pines II, and Patty’s spot will be filled by Ted Anderson of Bermuda Bay II. Both Susannah and Ted are year-round residents, and bring useful skills to their board positions. Craig Pihl, Jerry Price, and I all look forward to working with them and keeping Bay Forest the beautiful and well-run place that it is.
  • Jerry Price and Phil Murano have worked hard on the budget that has been passed by your Board, and also passed by the Association Presidents. No increase is required in assessments – always good news for the owners! Thank you, Jerry and Phil.
  • We agreed to conduct an email poll of the gate hours at our October Board meeting. I received 175 responses, with 28 voting to keep the 6 PM time, and 147 voting to return to the traditional 9 PM time. A landslide! Phil has changed the time back to 9 PM. I like email polling for things like this, as it gives the Board a more realistic idea as to what all the owners want. We will do more of these in the future, as needed.
  • I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I must admit, though, it is somewhat difficult to get in the holiday spirit when it is 80°, especially when you have grown up in an area where Christmas is frequently white! All in all, however, I will take 80° over snow any day!


Bob Wood – Bay Forest HOA Board President