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President’s Message from Bob Wood


December, with no Board Meeting, has a light amount of news. As always, “no news is good news!” New Christmas lights were installed at the entrance and looked very festive! Many folks went back north for the holidays, and are glad to return to sunny and warm Bay Forest. Welcome back! A wonderful Tree Lighting Party, pot luck style, was held on December 8, with 99 folks attending. Photos of the event have decorated the bulletin boards – we will try to have more event photos up in the future. Send me any good ones you may take at my email below for inclusion. I am re-running my “commercial” for BFRE, as I plan to do every year. It gives Bay Forest a goodly amount of money for capital improvements. Using BFRE can also save you a meaningful amount of commission money.

As always, let me know about any issues you may have. Send me an email at rwood51@comcast.net.

Bay Forest Real Estate Services, Inc

Bay Forest Real Estate Services, Inc. (BFRE) is wholly owned by Bay Forest HOA, and has provided a stream of money over the years to Bay Forest. All profits generated by BFRE flow into BFHOA, transferred as needed by vote of the Association Presidents at the annual Presidents Meeting. They are used only for improvements. Recent examples of this are the new Bocce courts and the Pickleball courts. Without the BFRE profits, a special assessment would have been needed to do both of these projects.  I encourage all to use BFRE for buying and selling your properties, and to act as your rental agent should you rent out your property. There is some confusion as to how all this works, and I will try to clear everything up.

  • Ruth Wertenberg, our wonderful Realtor and Broker, runs BFRE as a full service Real Estate office. The only difference between BFRE and John R. Wood, Coldwell Banker, and other local Real Estate companies is that Ruth only lists and sells property located within Bay Forest. Everything else is exactly the same!
    • When you list your property with Ruth for sale, a photo spread is prepared, and marketing copy written. It goes immediately into the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) and is seen and can be shown by all Naples area real estate professionals. The listing also flows into other services like Zillow, and has national exposure. It is also entered into the Bay Forest website. Multiple Open House showings are scheduled by Ruth. You get everything from Ruth you would get from any other Naples Realtor – more, in fact, because she really knows Bay Forest! She may also know of people within Bay Forest who are waiting to hear of a unit just like yours for themselves or for relatives and friends.
  • Ruth is the only Realtor working for Bay Forest. Other Realtors may say they represent Bay Forest, but they do not share their commissions with Bay Forest.


  • Listing your property with Ruth may save you money. If she both lists and sells your property, you will only be charged 4% commission, rather than the standard 6% charged by all other Realtors.
  • If you or a friend are looking to buy, remember that Ruth can show you any property in Bay Forest you may see listed on the Internet in Zillow, the newspaper, or any MLS listing from another broker. If she is involved as the buying agent, Bay Forest will get a portion of the commission. Talk to her – she knows about all the For Sale properties in Bay Forest, and may know of some not for sale yet, but who’s owner might be persuaded to sell!
  • If you are an owner and rent your property, Ruth offers true “Concierge” service to your renter and you! She finds the renter, handles all contracts, does all the Collier County paperwork, oversees cleaning, takes care of any needed repairs, and keeps the tenants happy. Ruth charges 20% of the rent for all this with 50% of that returned to BFRE. She takes the emergency phone calls, not you, and most likely will get you higher rent than you could get yourself!