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Bay Forest Summer News


Life goes on in Bay Forest, even in the summertime. More and more of our residents are selling their northern homes, as Pat and I did five years ago, and moving to Bay Forest year-round. We have enough folks here now that things like Bone Builders, Mahjong, and Sunset Cocktails go on as usual. The Social Committee ran a very nice Fourth of July party, with all the traditional foods like hotdogs and watermelon. We had over 60 people attend! Of course the weather is hot, but you northern folks get plenty of hot days as well. The big difference is that down here in Naples every day is 90°! The pool temperatures are also in the 90s and the Gulf is in the upper 80s. You still get cooled down by going in the water – it just takes longer!

Some updates, in no particular order, are as follows:

  • The clubhouse kitchen overhaul is almost completed and looks very nice.
  • We unexpectedly had three of our landscape workers give their notice. They are forming their own little landscaping company – good for them, but bad for us. We are scrambling to keep up with the growing vegetation, which because of the extra heat and rain is all growing like Jack’s Beanstalk! The crew is working overtime while we try to staff up.


  • UPDATE 7/12/19 –Good news!  Steven has hired two experienced landscapers, so we are down only one employee. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, and if so we will be quickly caught up on anything that had to be postponed


  • All the rain we’ve had lately during the morning hours means that no lawn mowing gets done until the rain stops and things dry up a little bit. Be patient while we work through all of this.
  • The 25 year lease on our Boardwalk was up in April, and we are in the midst of the renewal process with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Over the years some unauthorized changes were made to the Boardwalk, resulting in the DEP requiring us to have a new survey done that will show what is actually there now, as opposed to what was there 25 years ago. The new lease will be reworked to show this. Everything seems to be motoring along and we don’t foresee any problems with the renewal. Bay Forest looks better than ever, as the replacement vegetation we put in after the hurricane continues to fill in. Steven and the crew have planted some nice flowers, as well, and all in all I am very happy to be here every time I drive up and down Bay Forest Drive.

Send me an email at rwood51@comcast.net if you have any comments or issues.


Bob Wood – Bay Forest Board of Directors President