Presidents Message

We are once again in the month of December! An eventful summer and fall is behind us, and we welcome the start of the season at beautiful Bay Forest. The budget has been passed with no increase in assessments, and the special assessment needed to put things back together as best we can was fairly modest, compared to many other communities. The beloved Chickee Hut at the end of the boardwalk has been floated back, repaired, and is ready for fishing and kayaking. We are in good shape financially – give thanks for everything, and take a good look at what we have here! Welcome home!
A few reminders:
• Register your bike with Phil! This is the only way we can tell who belongs here and who does not.
• Be careful of pedestrians on the boardwalk with your bike. Walking it or leaving it at the entrance is best.
• Give Phil your e-mail address. We do e-mail “blasts” sometimes, and you will miss out if we don’t have it. E-mail him at with your information.
• Look at and use our great website – register if you have not. It has a wealth of information, including Board minutes, Bay Forest forms and documents, current news (Bocce cancelled due to rain!), the member directory, and much more. Go to We will pop right up on a Google search as well, if you forget the address.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season. I look forward to seeing you at events and at Board meetings.