Upcoming Special Events List

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Upcoming special events are listed below. Use the link “View current recurring events” link to see all currently active recurring events.

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Event Date Event Name Category
Wednesday-01/23/19 Watercolor Group (Main Rm) Social & Entertainment
Thursday-01/24/19 Storrington Brd Mtg (Crlsn Rm) Business
Friday-01/25/19 BB1 Welcm Bk Prty Social & Entertainment
Saturday-01/26/19 Naples Walk Prvt Party(Carlson Rm) Social & Entertainment
Sunday-01/27/19 Prvt Party (Bommhardt) Social & Entertainment
Tuesday-01/29/19 Prvt (conf Rm) Business
Tuesday-01/29/19 Sea Pines 1 Brd Mtg(Conf Rm) Business
Wednesday-01/30/19 Watercolor Group (Main Rm) Social & Entertainment
Thursday-01/31/19 Civil Group Mtg (conf rm) Business
Thursday-01/31/19 Security Mtg(Conf Rm) Business
Friday-02/01/19 Movie Night Social & Entertainment
Saturday-02/02/19 Carinosa Board Meeting - (Conf Rm) Business
Sunday-02/03/19 Bay Forest Superbowl Party Social & Entertainment
Monday-02/04/19 Tennis Mtg (conf rm) Business
Tuesday-02/05/19 Plantation Annual Mtg(Crlsn Rm) Business
Wednesday-02/06/19 Yoga (Crlsn Rm) Exercise & Sports
Thursday-02/07/19 BB2 Party (Old Rm) Social & Entertainment
Thursday-02/07/19 Carinosa Annual Mtg (Conf Rm) Business
Monday-02/11/19 Book Club (conf rm) Educational
Monday-02/11/19 Sea Pines 2 Ann Mtg(Conf Rm) Business
Tuesday-02/12/19 Sandy Pines Ann Mtg (Club Hse) Business
Tuesday-02/12/19 BF Soc Com Mtg (Conf Rm) Business
Tuesday-02/12/19 Civil Club Mtg (conf rm) Business
Wednesday-02/13/19 Bay Forest Bd Mtg (Carlson Rm) Business
Thursday-02/14/19 Storrington Brd Mtg (Crlsn Rm) Business
Friday-02/15/19 Bahama Bay Forest Prty (Club) Social & Entertainment
Friday-02/15/19 Party Set Up Social & Entertainment
Saturday-02/16/19 Naples Cove Party Social & Entertainment
Sunday-02/17/19 Tennis Party Social & Entertainment
Monday-02/18/19 BB2 Brd Mtng (Conf Rm) Business
Monday-02/18/19 Naples Cove Annual Mtg (Crlsn Rm) Business
Tuesday-02/19/19 Naples Walk Annual Mtg(Carlson Rm) Business
Wednesday-02/20/19 Sunset Social/Youth Symphonia Social & Entertainment
Thursday-02/21/19 BB1 Party Social & Entertainment
Thursday-02/21/19 Civil comm mtg Business
Thursday-02/21/19 BBI Party Social & Entertainment
Friday-02/22/19 Naples Walk Prvt Party(Carlson Rm) Social & Entertainment
Friday-02/22/19 Yoga (Crlsn Rm) Exercise & Sports
Saturday-02/23/19 Set up for Art Show Business
Sunday-02/24/19 Bay Forest Art Show Social & Entertainment
Wednesday-02/27/19 Bay Forest Annual Mtg (Carlson Rm) Business
Wednesday-02/27/19 Sea Pines I Board Mtg (Conf Rm) Business
Friday-03/01/19 Set Up Nite at the Phil Social & Entertainment
Saturday-03/02/19 Nite at The Phil Social & Entertainment
Monday-03/04/19 Tennis Mtg (conf rm) Business
Monday-03/04/19 Naples Cove Brat Prty(Club Rms) Social & Entertainment
Thursday-03/07/19 BBII Party Social & Entertainment
Friday-03/08/19 Movie Ngt(Carlson Room) Social & Entertainment
Monday-03/11/19 Book Club (carlson rm) Educational
Tuesday-03/12/19 Sandy Pines Brd Mtg (Conf Rm) Business