Presidents Message

March is here already – if we were back home (at least in NJ) it would be early Spring, we would be getting the garden ready, and planting our peas. Every day is Spring (or Summer) here in beautiful Bay Forest, however, and it is much too hot for peas! Our problem is dry weather – Phil cannot plant anything, especially sod, until the rains start (and seem to never stop!) in June. Don’t think we are not trying to replace vegetation that was killed or blown away by Irma – we will do it when possible. When you return next season, all will be green again.

Things continue to go well here – financials are strong, and all activities are in high gear. After the Annual Meeting reports by the 19 committees at Bay Forest showing what is going on here, no one should complain about having nothing to do! There is one or many activities for everyone – it is a wonder we are not all exhausted! Make use of the Book Club, Bone Builders, Bridge Group, Table
Tennis, Bocce League, Sunset Cocktails, and the other 13 activities and committees – have some fun and meet some new people!

A couple of things:

We will leave bicycle riding on the boardwalk “as is”. Please – be aware of walkers and be sure to stop and let them go by. If coming up on a walker from the rear, announce yourself with a bell, horn, or loud voice, stop and ask the walker to let you push your bike past them. We want to make the boardwalk pleasant and safe for everyone!

Examination of our security needs here at Bay Forest in continuing. Send me any comments you may have about all this – especially your feelings about paying $200 – $400 more per unit per year for a guard at the gatehouse.   Years ago we had a guard, but stopped due to cost. To really tighten security we would need more fencing, as well. The gatehouse will need expensive renovations to do this, as well as needing to buy a new “flip up” gate. What do you think? Send me input at 

Get stickers for your bicycles! There is no cost – see Donna or Phil.

If selling or renting your unit – see Ruth at the office. Much of the fees and commissions stay in Bay Forest. Both the Bocce court renovations and the new Pickleball courts were paid for with Real Estate profits. 

Sunset Cocktails – every Wednesday at 5:00 PM all year round at the Clubhouse – is very under-used. It has evolved into a pot-luck supper, so no need to cook that night! Bring some food, your own cocktails (beer is available for a donation), and meet some new folks. We are a welcoming group – Pat and I are there every week!

Use the website – register on the site if not already done. Check it out at   Lots of information there – meeting minutes, HOA documents, and plenty more. Bocce rained out? Find out here!









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