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President’s Message February 2019

Everything continues to go well here at beautiful Bay Forest. New flowers are in place, four new parking spots are available at the clubhouse, although they look like ordinary grass. Look for the car stops – we have a special grid under the grass to hold up the cars. The bear is back, last seen ambling through Bermuda Bay I’s parking lot. Keep alert! Some things of note from the Board Meeting of 1/16/19 are as follows (look for the minutes soon on the website):

  • We authorized funds for an audit of our 2018 financials.
  • The document revisions are motoring along under the direction of Joe Hauwiller. We will get them done soon!
  • An ad hoc committee will be formed to oversee the 25 year renewal of our underwater lease with the state of Florida (the part of the boardwalk over the water), up in April.
  • New counter tops for our kitchen were approved, and maybe a new stove as well, if needed. Funds will come from Real Estate profits.
  • The gatehouse needs cosmetic work. Proposals will be sought.

We have had requests to look into bulk cable service at Bay Forest as an alternative to Comcast.  Phil initiated a meeting with Hotwire, now serving Emerald Bay (and well liked by them) with some of the following highlights:

  • Hotwire contracts would be with the individual associations, not Bay Forest.  We at BFHOA would act only as the facilitator, allowing them to lay down the fiber optic cables.
  • Their “Limited Basic” with higher speed internet (100 mbps down and 25 mbps up) and phone (in year one) would cost about $75 per month.  Similar Comcast service (paid by me) with somewhat higher internet (150 mbps down/15 up) runs about $133 per month.  The phone goes up to $25 in year 3, raising the cost to about $100 per month if you keep the phone service.
  • Hotwire has lots of “bells and whistles” that Comcast does not have, such as an automatic 48 hour DVR on all channels that you receive.  Regular DVR is also included.
  • Pools, pool commons, and the clubhouse would be wired up and supplied with WiFi and basic TV as part of any deal, at no extra charge.
  • Price increases are capped at 4% per year.
  • All units in an association would be completely rewired inside and outside at no charge.
  • All units in an association must participate, as the association itself will be billed, and the charges added to each unit’s quarterly assessment for the basic service.  Premium channels (HBO, etc.) would be billed individually.
  • Hotwire will come into BF for only one association (even a small one like Buttonwood), although the cost would be maybe $10 per month higher.  They want to get BF business by getting a foot in the door.  Also, as they are in Emerald Bay now, it would be easy for them to run cables here.
  • There is no “vacation stop” option on the basic service.  It is always “on”.  There would be a “vacation stop” option for any premium services – HBO, etc. 
  • I hope to see you at the next Board Meeting on Wednesday 2/13 @ 10:00 am.
  • Detailed information on the Hotwire proposal has been emailed to your presidents. Ask them to forward everything to you for your review.