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President’s MessageApril 2019


    The season continues to boom along, although now in April things are slowing down. Most of Bay Forest residents return to their northern homes soon, leaving only a small, but growing, number of us year rounders. Bocce is over, and by May almost all the activities will end, as well. There is still time to sign up for the Farewell Party on April 13 – the last social event of the year! The 2019 season has turned out to be one of the best weather-wise – let’s hope for the same thing next year. We had a busy Board Meeting on 3/20, with the following items of note:

    • Security – we will upgrade the cameras and lighting at the entrance gate. This will give us very clear video of not only the license plate number of entering vehicles, but of the driver as well. With this system in place we may go back to the 9:00 PM ending of automatic opening, rather than the present inconvenient time of 6:00 PM.
    • The kitchen will get new counter tops, a new stove, and a general sprucing up once the parties are over.
    • The Boardwalk will be cleaned and painted over the summer.
    • A new treadmill will replace the oldest one in the Fitness Center.
    • We most likely will seal all the roads this summer – a messy job, but it is time. Our last Board Meeting of the year will be held Wednesday, April 17th at the new time of 9:30 AM. I hope to see you there!
    • My one complaint this month is that too many drivers are speeding on our Bay Forest roads and not stopping at the stop signs. No accidents yet, but one may happen if we are not careful. Slow down and chill out – what’s the rush! This is Naples – not New York City!  Also, as I look at the Website directory for phone numbers and addresses, I see some outdated information. Check your own information, and update it if needed.


Bob Wood – Board President