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  • President’s Message – March 2019


    The season is moving along, with mostly very good weather. Plenty of sunshine and nice and warm – a lot better than up North with the Polar Vortex! This month I will list a few unrelated things and make comments on them as follows:

    Bay Forest Boredom

  • That’s an oxymoron! If you are bored here at Bay Forest, it is certainly by choice. At the Annual Meeting on 2/27 we all heard reports about 18 different activities open to all – owners and renters.       Everything from social committee parties, art classes, bocce, pickle ball, tennis, line dancing, yoga – the list goes on! Keep an eye on the Bugle, bulletin boards, and the website for dates and information on everything. Have some fun!
  • Bay Forest Website
  • Be sure to take a look at this at www.bayforestnaples.com. All manner of information can be found, including meeting minutes, the documents, a search-able directory of phone numbers, a calendar, Real Estate information, and much more. You don’t need a password for some of it – most of it requires registration.       Directions for registration are on the home page. Take a look – once you get used to it, you will use it a lot.
  • Shuffleboard
  • We have two beautiful shuffleboard courts in our Sports Park, and almost no one uses them! The bocce league is full, with a waiting list – we need someone to organize a shuffleboard league. This game is as much fun as bocce, and is another opportunity to be outdoors and enjoying our great weather! All we need is a shuffleboard version of Ron Jordanek, our bocce leader – maybe that person is you!
  • Bicycles
  • A few things here. Slow down on the walking trails, sound your horn or bell when approaching walkers, and keep to the right, especially on blind corners! No injuries of note yet this year – lets keep it that way. Also, register your bikes at the office. If you see someone riding an un-stickered bike, speak to them about this.
  • Bulk Cable
  • Talk to your association president about this. We at Bay Forest (Phil Murano and the BF Board) provided information only – the decision to move ahead on bulk cable will be made by each association. We at Bay Forest are not advocating bulk cable – we were asked to provide information, and we delivered! For some associations it makes sense, but for others, not.
  • Safety and Security
  • Follow the advice of the Collier County Sheriff – “See it?       Say it! Make the call!” Call 911 for emergencies. Call 239-252-9300 for non-emergency reasons. Put this number on your phone! The sheriff would much rather get called early in any situation. Don’t worry about appearing foolish – I have made the call on occasion, and have been more than happy with the response and attitude of the deputies. A report gets written, and the complaint documented – important if problems continue.
  • 90th Birthday Photos
    • A resident came to me and asked if we would put Fred Manna’s 90th birthday photo, taken at his beloved bocce court, on the bulletin board. I thought that this was such a fine idea that from now on we will put anyone’s “90th plus” birthday photo up! Send them to me at rwood51@comcast.net with a few details.


    I hope to see you at the next board meeting on Wednesday March 20 at 10:00 AM.


    Bob Wood – Board President