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Presidents Message

President’s Message from Bob Wood

April is here, and soon our seasonal residents will depart for their Northern homes (usually wondering when they arrive to the cool and gloomy weather why they left Bay Forest so soon!). Us year-rounder’s will begin to enjoy less traffic, and lots of restaurant coupons! Bay Forest life continues, although at a slower pace. Wednesday Night Cocktails, Bone Builders, twice-monthly (more or less) Movie Nights (free-but no ice cream!), and others go on. More and more folks are finding Bay Forest a great place to live year round. Think about it! This month I want to talk about security again here at Bay Forest. At our board meeting of 3/21 we had an agenda item that dealt with security. Walt Evans had formed an ad hoc committee to make recommendations to the board as to next steps, and presented a report recommending several items. The board voted to accept conceptually Phase I of this report. Phase II talks to a guard and will be postponed for now. I will summarize and comment on what was approved in concept. None of the details were approved – just the concepts, in most cases:

  • What was approved was the formation of a formal Security Committee, with Dick Harvey as the board liaison, to make recommendations to the board.
  • A process will be developed to report incidents of trespass after the fact to the BF office, so we can quantify the problem. Much anecdotal evidence has been heard – some truly trespassing, some probably not. We need to understand the extent of the problem.
  • We will get costs to extend the iron fencing between the ingress and egress driveways. After Irma, it looks very open and inviting between the in and out gates – we need to close this off somehow. Plantings are also being examined, although a fence would be immediately effective.
  • Stronger signage at the entrance may do some good and will be looked at. We need to be sensitive to the aesthetics of these signs, however.
  • Continuance of the Bicycle Sticker program. Peer pressure may be all we can do to enforce this, however.
  • Bay Forest windshield stickers for owners and renters would identify those who belong here. These would also help deal with short term renters, a problem in our larger associations, as well as trespassers. This is complicated, however, involving at least 1000 stickers, overnight guests, who does what as to record keeping, etc. I am in favor of this, if done right.

Security has become a big issue now, although I am somewhat puzzled as to what has changed. We have almost no crime here, and what little we have had in my 15 years here has been caused by residents or children of residents. Keeping out trespassers won’t help here. We do have some trespassers – hopefully we can quantify that. All in all, we don’t want the cure to be worse than the disease, nor do we want to spend $1000 to fix a $5 problem. Maybe more cameras?

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