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President’s Message – December 2018

All is well in beautiful Bay Forest. The last of the Hurricane Irma repairs have been completed with the installation of several large trees, which will be propped up for a while. Someone told me that we need a hurricane every decade or so to force new landscaping – my response, after being here for Irma and dealing with the reconstruction, was “No we don’t!”. Still – the new look is great!

The last Board Meeting of 11/21/18 was quick and quiet – the best kind! Both the 2019 HOA and Real Estate budgets were passed, excess 2018 funds will be carried over to 2019, and we will fund an audit for fiscal year 2018. The document revisions are nearing closure, with the final tweaking to be done at a Presidents Meeting in January 2019. No Board Meeting in December – I look forward to seeing you at the January meeting on Wednesday 1/16/19 at 10:00 AM.

I spoke briefly about the Clubhouse at the meeting of 11/21. This past fall the Board instituted a new rule that clubhouse consumables (paper plates, napkins, etc) were not to be used by exclusive Association functions, only by inclusive Bay Forest events. This change has turned out to be very burdensome for some, requiring that all these items be “schlepped” up to the Clubhouse for Association events. This policy would save next to no money, and maybe reduce the use of the Clubhouse. We are rescinding it. We have a great Clubhouse, paid for and maintained by all (at no small yearly expense when you count up taxes, AC costs, repairs, etc.), and we want to encourage use of it, not discourage use! I am sorry we did this, and we have made the appropriate change. Please – use the clubhouse for your Association events and meetings, and help yourselves to the napkins!

Have a Happy Holiday Season! If you go north for the holidays, as Pat and I do, as soon as you get off the plane you will know why we spend the winters in Naples! Let me know about any issues you may have. Send me an email at rwood51@comcast.net.

Bob Wood