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President’s Fall Message

A hearty “Welcome Back” to the seasonal residents, as well as another “Hello” to our permanent folks. Compared to the drama of last summer and early fall, this year has been very quiet – almost boring! A very dry July slowed up the planting of replacement vegetation, but the rains returned with a vengeance in August, allowing Steven and his crew to put in many trees and other plantings. You should be very pleased with the results; if you didn’t know what it looked like pre-Irma, you would have no idea we ever had a hurricane. New Tiki huts and black fencing at the tennis courts really improve the look there. The innovative plantings and fencing at the entrance both provide security and a great “first impression” as you drive in. The clubhouse parking lot has been repaved, new lower car stops installed, and the parking spots increased. All this done at or below budget. I wish the state of Florida could be run as well!

A new resident has been seen many times – a black bear! Phil has some information in the office on Florida’s bear population and the best way to live with them. Be sure to secure trash, and avoid having available any food source bears like, such as bird seed.

Your Board is looking forward to another great season at Bay Forest – let us know about any issues you may have.


Bob Wood